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November 21, 2020

Beats 10 Best Value

Beats 10 Were Exactly What My Kids Wanted and I Didn’t Have to Break the Bank!

It’s not easy shopping for kids these days. I’ve got twin teenage boys at home and every year it gets harder and harder to figure out what they want.

They’re always going on about new phones or computers or apps, and honestly, most of the time I have no idea what they’re talking about. I turned 46 this year, so I’m not the best when it comes to technology.

B10 Earbuds

But even if you’re out of touch like me, you’ve no doubt seen that wireless earbuds are the next big thing. Everywhere you look, people are walking around with those little white sticks in their ears. Everyone’s obsessed with them and my kids are no different.

When their birthday got close this year, they started dropping some not-so-subtle hints that wireless earbuds were the only thing they wanted.

Well, I looked into it and these things go for as much $300 a pair! Frankly my kids can be a little…. let’s say “clumsy” with their belongings and I don’t feel like dropping that kind of cash on something they might break or lose right away.

Of course, there are also some less expensive models, but there are just so many options now, how are you supposed to tell the difference between a good pair of earphones and a cheap, barely-functional pair?

Beats 10

Luckily, I had a little help. There’s a young IT guy named Ethan who works in my office and he knows everything about the latest gadgets. I called him over to my desk one day and asked his advice on what I should get for my kids.

Ethan said, “You can go with the really expensive models if you want, but all you’re really paying for is the brand name. If you want to buy smart, get your kids these…” Then he pulled a pair of wireless earbuds out of his pocket.

Beats 10 Are the Wireless Earbuds EVERYONE Wants This Year!

"These are Beats 10,", Ethan said. "They're killing the wireless earbuds game right now."

"They're top-quality in terms of sound quality and design, but they're cheaper than just about any other brand."

Ethan handed them over to me and said I could borrow them for the day to test them out. Here’s how it went:

My Beats 10 Review

I took the earbuds out of their case and looked them over. They certainly had that sleek polished “cool” look my kids like. They felt really solid too and they popped in and out of the charging case with a satisfying magnetic snap.

I tried Beats 10 out for the rest of the day and now I completely understand why people prefer wireless earbuds. The sound quality was incredible, much louder and clearer than my headphones, and so much more convenient!

There was no clumsy cable to get snagged or tangled in knots, nothing to plug or unplug, and the case keeps them protected and charged when they’re not in your ears.

Beats 10 even have handy controls on the earbuds, so I didn’t have to touch my phone once. At one point, I got a phone call, so I just tapped the play button and instantly, I was having a crystal-clear hands-free conversation.

Ethan came to get them at the end of the day and I was actually a little sad to give them back. He told me if I wanted to get a pair, they were easy to order online. He showed me the Beats 10 official website and I looked through it.

He wasn’t kidding about the price. Like I said, most wireless earbuds I looked at were between $200 and $300, but Beats 10 cost just $49.99! At that price, I could easily afford to get both my kids a set. And the best part is, they give you a discount for buying more!

Beats 10

I ordered a few pairs of Beats 10 right away and they arrived just in time for my boys’ birthday. I knew I had made the right decision when I saw the look on their faces as they unwrapped them. I’ve honestly never gotten that kind of a reaction from a gift before— they were over the moon!

If anything, the only problem is that they like their Beats 10 a little TOO much, because they never take them out! But what more would you expect from teenagers, right?

Beats 10 Are the Best Wireless Earbuds for Anyone on a Budget!

If you want to get your kids a gift they’ll absolutely love without spending a fortune, Beats 10 are the answer! The sound quality is incredible, they’ve got that cool look kids want, and they’re shockingly affordable.

The holidays are almost here, so now’s the time to act. Beats 10 went over so well with my kids, I’m planning on getting another pair for my nephews… and I think I might treat myself to a pair while I’m at it! Since I tried Beats 10, my old headphones just don’t cut it anymore.

Beats 10

This is the perfect time to get a pair too, because they’re having a huge sale, especially if you buy more than one! Perfect timing for me! You can get 50% off AND free shipping! Here’s the link where you can buy Beats 10 online. But I’m not sure how much longer this sale will be available, so I suggest checking in quickly!


Trust me, wireless earbuds are the gift everyone wants this year, and Beats 10 are not only one of the best quality, they're one of the best value! They’re perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anything really! Your friends and family will love them, and they’ll never stop thanking you!

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