Ultimate Emergency Survival Gear Kit

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Multi tool Survive First Aid Kit Outdoor Camping equipment Survival Whistle Flashlight Tactical pen

Survival Compass

The compass included features 360 degree rotating bezel for easy navigation & orienteering.

Waterproof and shake-proof with luminous display inside, convenient and clear viewing at night.


Unique Saber Card

Credit card sized, easily fits inside your wallet, pocket. 11 functions - Can Opener, Bottle Cap Opener, 4-Position Wrench,

2-Position Wrench, Butterfly Screw Wrench, Direction Ancillary Wrench, Screwdriver, Knife Edge, Saw Blade, Ruler, Key Chain Hole.


Emergency Survival Pen

Made from tungsten steel for superior strength & portability. Break a window/ glass, escape in an emergency situation. The perfect pen for anyone who is into survival, hunting or outdoors as well as military or emergency services personnel.


Tactical Torch Flashlight

With zoomable design, the compact handheld flashlights can be zoomed in for an intense beam or out for wider illumination. 3 light modes - High / Low / Strobe.

A single AA battery is needed. (battery not included)

And more as below picture show ...